Design and Development of a Browser Plugin for Intelligent Text Analytics

del Pozo Díaz, M. (2022). Design and Development of a Browser Plugin for Intelligent Text Analytics. Final Career Project (TFG). Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, ETSI Telecomunicación.

The Internet of Things concept is based on how the connection of physical things to the Internet enable devices to collect and exchange data, interacting with real world from a distance. In today’s world, being able to fully understand and analyze any text on the Internet is an extremely useful tool that allow us to gain an overview on certain topics. The applications of sentiment analysis are broad and powerful. The ability to extract insights from social data can give the user important information. The ultimate goal of this project is to develop a Google Chrome extension that allows any user to perform a text analysis in the web browser. With this project, the user will be able to customize certain parameters of the extension in the configuration page, and select different types of text analysis, each one giving different results. For the user, being able to analyze text instantaneously and get information about the sentiment or emotion of the text, opens a whole new possibilities to better understand certain topics. To make it easy and comprehensible for everyone, the extension gives the results using simple charts, that provide the necessary information and parameters for the user with an easy data visualization. Also, some of the services have an added feature of styling dynamically the selected text on the web browser with the different sentiment and emotions, which helps getting a better understanding too. Finally, we present the conclusions drawn from this project, the technologies we have used during the development, the problems that we have faced during the development and possible future lines of work.