Ph.D. Topic:  Exploiting Knowledge Graphs for Improving Mental Wellbeing at Home through Content-based Recommendations



The Ph.D. thesis aims at researching personalized content recommendation algorithms for selecting videos. The main project's goal is to reduce users’ frustration when selecting videos and contribute to users' personal well-being. To this end, the project will explore the usage of Knowledge-Graph based Recommendation Systems.

The Ph.D. thesis will be developed in a combined academic and industrial settings, from an industry-driven perspective.

Candidates are expected to publish in highly refereed journals and conferences. The grant will support a research stay of 3 months.

Supervisor Company: Optiva media

SDGine gives 12 Early-Stage Researchers the opportunity to complete International Industrial Doctorates at UPM. The researchers will enjoy a 36-month employment contract to complete a Ph.D. degree co-supervised by a UPM professor and an industrial supervisor from one of the companies that are participating in this project.


The contracts will follow the model “Contrato Predoctoral” regulated under Spanish law by the “Ley 14/2011, de 1 de junio de la Ciencia, la Tecnología y la Innovación (LCTI)” and the “RD 103/2019”.

The gross salary for researchers with family responsibilities (i.e. spouse, children) will be 32.590,82€ per year. The gross salary for researchers with no family responsibilities will be 27.810,71€, per year.

Researchers will receive a yearly Research Budget that will cover any cost that may arise from his/her research (equipment, conference attendance, open access fees, seminar registrations, etc).

Employment conditions will be aligned with the “Charter & Code” for researchers, Spanish and UPM regulations.