El Grupo de Sistemas Inteligentes fue fundado por los profesores Gregorio Fernández, Mercedes Garijo y Fernando Sáez-Vacas en 1985, abordando temáticas de sistemas inteligentes y complejidad, creando una escuela de investigadores y profesionales. Estas becas están destinadas a continuar su labor en la formación de investigadores en dichas temáticas.

El Grupo de Sistemas Inteligentes de la Universidad Politécnica de Madrid publica la primera convocatoria de becas destinadas a estudiantes de la Universidad Politécnica de Madrid que realicen trabajos de investigación en el Grupo de Sistemas Inteligentes durante el curso 2021-2022.

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A PhD Contract for an outstanding candidate to undertake research on Social Network Analysis (SNA), Agent-Based Social Simulation (ABSS) and Natural Language processing (NLP). - 2 Open Positions.


Position description

The expected outcome of the research is a PhD dissertation concerning the development of scalable and robust algorithms to apply intelligent techniques in the field of disinformation in social media.

The PhD position is open at the Intelligent System Group (GSI), Department of Telematic Engineering  at the Telecommunications Engineering School of Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (Technical University of Madrid).

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Ph.D. Topic:  Exploiting Knowledge Graphs for Improving Mental Wellbeing at Home through Content-based Recommendations



The Ph.D. thesis aims at researching personalized content recommendation algorithms for selecting videos. The main project's goal is to reduce users’ frustration when selecting videos and contribute to users' personal well-being. To this end, the project will explore the usage of Knowledge-Graph based Recommendation Systems.

The Ph.D. thesis will be developed in a combined academic and industrial settings, from an industry-driven perspective.

Candidates are expected to publish in highly refereed journals and conferences. The grant will support a research stay of 3 months.

Supervisor Company: Optiva media

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