Estas semanas se leen varios trabajos fin de titulación, estáis todos invitados a las lecturas.


El jueves 4/7/2019 en el aula B225, los TFGs:

  • 9:00 Fernando Loro, "Development of Intrusion Detection Models for CyberSecurity in Computer Networks applying Machine Learning Algorithms"
  • 10:20 Adrián González, "Design and development of a developer sentiment analysis system based on GitHub commit comments"
  • 10:40 Luis Caballero, "Development of a Mobile Nutritional Assistant for Supermarkets with the technology DialogFlow"
  • 11:00 Alejandro López, "Design and development of gamified smart objects for museums based on automatically generated quizzes exploiting Linked Data. Application: Telecommunications Museum at ETSIT."

El viernes 5/7/2019 en el aula B225, los TFGs: 

  • 9:40 Pablo Lostao, "Development of a Mobile augmented reality virtual assistant for a smart office"
  • 10:00 Gonzalo Osende, "Design and Development of a song recommender system based on user experience and emotions"

El martes 9/7/2019 en el aula B223, el TFM:

  • 9:20, Fernando Benayas, "Design of an architecture for cyber-attack detection on an SDN environment"

El miércoles 10/7/2019 en el aula B222, el TFG:

  • 9:40, Luis García, "Design and Development of a Lexicon-based Emotion Classifier for the Sports Domain on Twitter"

El viernes 12/7/2019 en el aula B22, los TFMs:

  • 9:00 José Fernández, "Design of an Emotional Lighting System based on Sentiment Analysis of Twitter"
  • 9:20 Enrique Sánchez, "Design and Development of an Emotion-aware Learning Analytics system based on Machine Learning Techniques and Semantic Task Automation"
  • 9:40 Eduardo Merino, "Design and Development of a Social Choice Model Simulation for occupant welfare in Smart Buildings based on a Blockchain solution"