End-User-Oriented Telco Mashups: The OMELETTE Approach

Olexiy Chudnovskyy, Tobias Nestler, Martin Gaedke, Florian Daniel, José Ignacio Fernández-Villamor, Vadim Chepegin et al (2012). End-User-Oriented Telco Mashups: The OMELETTE Approach. In Proceedings of WWW12. Projects Track.. Paris, France : W3C.

With the success of Web 2.0 we are witnessing a growing number of services and APIs exposed by Telecom, IT and content providers. Targeting the Web community and, in particular, Web application developers, service providers ex- pose capabilities of their infrastructures and applications in order to open new markets and to reach new customer groups. However, due to the complexity of the underly- ing technologies, the last step, i.e., the consumption and integration of the o ered services, is a non-trivial and time- consuming task that is still a prerogative of expert develop- ers. Although many approaches to lower the entry barriers for end users exist, little success has been achieved so far. In this paper, we introduce the OMELETTE 1 project and show how it addresses end-user-oriented telco mashup de- velopment. We present the goals of the project, describe its contributions, summarize current results, and describe current and future work.