A component library to improve the reusability in the development of converged services

Laura Díaz-Casillas, Carlos A. Iglesias & Miguel Nieto (2010). A component library to improve the reusability in the development of converged services. In iiWAS '10 Proceedings of the 12th International Conference on Information Integration and Web-based Applications & Services, pages 661-664. Paris, France : ACM.

The evolution of communications networks to Next Generation Networks (NGN) has encouraged the development of new services. Nowadays, several technologies are being integrated into telecommunications services in order to provide new functionalities, resulting in what are known as converged services. The objective is to adapt the behavior of the services to the necessities of different users, generating customized services. Some of the main technologies involved in their development are those related to the Web. But due to this type of services implies the combination of different technologies, their development is a very complex process that has to be improved to reduce the time and cost required, with the aim of promoting the success of such services. This paper proposes to apply software reuse through the utilization of a component library and presents one focused on ECharts for SIP Servlets (E4SS). It is a framework, based on the SIP Servlet specification, which uses finite state machines for the definition of converged communications services. Also, to promote the use of the library, a methodology is proposed in order to facilitate the integration between the library operations and the software development cycle.