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In recent years, the news industry has undergone a big transformation as a consequence of its online diffusion. According to a recent survey, social media has become an important source of news for adults around the world. Nevertheless, this survey also revealed that phenomena such as fake news have had a serious impact on the credibility of online news. Additionally, scientific and technical progress has enabled the increasing adoption of data-driven news generation. Lastly, online news provides a rich dataset for understanding the characteristics of news media channels, such as political leaning and tone, as well as news consumption and sharing dynamics.


This Special Issue aims to provide an overview of the application of intelligent techniques in the news domain. The key areas of this Special Issue include, but are not limited to:

  • Fake news detection (both explainable and multi-
  • modal);
  • News analytics and classification;
  • News similarity and clustering;
  • News provenance;
  • Automated news generation;
  • News event and topic evolution;
  • News framing research;
  • News personalization;
  • News emotion prediction and detection;
  • News sharing, diffusion, and consumption.


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